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What I find even more offensive about the pre-crumbled cheese is the use of EMF's "Unbelievable" in the commercial. You know, "It's CRUMBelievable!"
It makes me cry almost as hard as hearing the Go-Go's changed to "We Got the Meat" for Papa Johns.


What is quite ironic is that hubby paired his comment about cheese with a photo of Kate eating cheese. He was not home when I took that photo.

BTW - the cheese was sliced by my very own hand, I don't need anyone else crumbling my cheese.


Why do I suspect that this pre-crumbled cheeses is broken to bits either by cold, emotionless robots or by insufficiently hygenic minimum-wagers?

Either way, I will be taking MY processed cow-juice-based bacterial cultures in a more hygenic environment of love and warmth.


I just assumed the cheese is the sweepings of the factory floor. "Hey, Earl! Instead of throwing away all these cheese bits that fell off the conveyor belt, we should package them and sell them!"
"Nah. Who would be dumb enough to buy little crumbly bits of cheese?"


Hmmmmm cheeeeeese.


i am unashamedly a fan of pre-grated cheese, so i feel i am a part of the problem.

such a cute, cute cutie!

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